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At Sparklez Car Wash We Use Only The Highest Quality Products On The Market– From Our Car Wash Equipment To The Vehicle Care Products Sold In Our Vending Machines And Store. The Soaps And Waxes Used Are Products Of Simoniz, To Ensure The Highest Quality Wash Results Possible.

SPARKLEZ Has Strict Guidelines On Equipment Maintenance In Order To Keep Everything Working At Its Best For Our Customers.

To Ensure That Our Customers Are Satisfied, We Are Constantly Providing New Services And Updating Offerings. We Are Also Committed To Washing Cars Without Pollution The Environment.

We believe that the most efficient and safest way to wash a vehicle is by hand using mild detergents. Harsh chemicals can destroy the finish on your vehicle while stripping off protective waxes, leaving the painted surfaces vulnerable to damage from environmental factors.

After the vehicle is prepped for washing, thick mild detergents are foamed onto the vehicle and mitted in to lift the dirt off of the vehicle. Then the vehicle proceeds through the tunnel to receive any extra waxes to protect and shine the vehicle, followed by a fresh water rinse.

After the car passes through the finishing step in the tunnel, the blowers, the finishing employees towel dry the vehicle with microfiber towels, blow the water out of the mirrors, and thoroughly clean all windows.

Any More questions & concerns? don’t be afraid to call us or stop by for further information!

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