Sparklez Car Wash located at 20 Main Street Danbury CT. offers the cleanest car wash and quality detailing services in Town. We have a newly designed detailing station using state-of-the-art equipment to provide your vehicle the cleanest and best wash. Our facility only uses freshly filtered water which gives vehicles cleaner washes, without water marks and streaks. We use Earth Ready biodegradable soap and chemicals that are environment friendly by Simoniz
Apart from your home, your car is probably the most valuable possession you own. Here at SPARKLEZ Car Wash we strive for nothing less than perfection. This isn't just a place to throw soap and water on your car, it is an experience that you and your car won't forget. Our friendly staff has been cleaning, detailing, and protecting cars in Town with only the highest quality services. In order to make your car wash experience as simple and easy as possible. When you reach the end of our 100 + ft. tunnel, you will not only have a clean car, but a clean conscience as we use the highest quality and environmentally friendly chemicals from our friends at Simoniz. But that's not all...

While we take care of your car, feel free to enjoy our full service store; with air fresheners, Car Accessories, Refreshments Phone accessories and much more. Also from Monday through Friday you will get a chance to Spin the Lucky Wheel to Win Prizes including a Free Full Service Car Wash Meanwhile, your car will be enjoying one of our many services:

In a hurry? Enjoy our quick and simple Full Service option. The car will be vacuumed before it is safely rung through our state of the art tunnel and topped off with a window cleaning- inside and out- and a hand towel drying. Including wheel blaster and under body Chassis Bath to flush out salt, sand and road grime. If you'd like to add that one small thing that will give your car that extra pop, simply ask for the Silver or Gold Car Wash and we'll armor all of your tires for a shine that just puts it all together.

Lastly, if you truly care about the longevity of your car, we offer Supreme Car Wash. Again, you'll receive the cumulative services plus we'll extend the armoring to your dashboard and doors, outsmart the elements with Rain-X glass treatment, and apply a Triple polish wax and HOT Lava Carnuba Wax that is sure to make your car glow




( Engine ) STEAM WASH
SPARKLEZ Car Wash services. with full service
Interior and Exterior car wash cleaning.
Visit us today to have your vehicle cleaned like
new and for the
Best Car Wash in Town.
At SPARKLEZ, get the full interior and exterior detailing
treatment for your vehicle. We strive to provide customers
with the best car detailing and wash in town at our
state-of-the-art facility with professional and top quality service.
Does your car deserve a little bit of pampering?
Consider giving your engine a complete steam cleaning.
The everyday wear and tear of commuting and driving around town
can lead to sediment buildup and this will lead to your
engine to work inefficiently.

20 Main Street Danbury CT.